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- Origin of our name and meaning of the logo -

社名について Our Name

* 実際のギリシャ語で「あなたの言葉(your word)」は"λέξη σας"[leksi sas]
"Logosas" is a coined word that is made up of Greek words Logos (language, logic, truth) and sas (your [second person singular possessive])*. This implies that we will consider your words most important in our business.
* In Greek, the phrase "your word" is leksi sas.

ロゴマークについて Our Logo

Blue -- a color of the earth, the sky, and the ocean. We associate the color with 'vastness', 'intelligence', 'sincerity', and 'reliability'. Our logo uses this color to represent these properties. The two orange dots represent two people talking, and the symbol at the center shows three upside-down "A"s: "A" as the first letter of the alphabet (beginning, top of the heap), as "Ascension", and "Adachi" (the birthplace of the company). Each point comes together, and the entire image shows three people raising their arms up.

-- Born in Adachi City, Tokyo --

千住の「昔」 Senju in the Past

Senju used to be a prosperous post station, where people from all walks of life came and went. Also, a great haiku poet Matsuo Basho and an ukiyo-e painter Katsushika Hokusai visited here and left an important page in the history of this town.

千住の「今」 Senju at Present

Kita-Senju station is served by five train lines, and is the sixth busiest stations in the world (2017). In two shopping buildings adjacent to the station, you can find variety of shops from a 100-yen shop to a Vietnamese pho restaurant. Several universities have campuses in the town and the development is remarkable. Logosas is suitably located in such a town with historical values and modern activities.