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We hope that you say "It had to be Logosas!" It is our sincere hope that we provide services that are helpful in developing your business in Japan.

Technical Translation (E->J, J->E)

- 取扱説明書、仕様書、研修用ドキュメント
- コンピュータ(ハードウェア・ソフトウェア)、IT、通信、コールセンター(CRM)、計測機器、電子機器一般
- User Manuals, Specifications, Training Documents
- Computer (Hardware, Software), IT, Telecommunication, Call Center (CRM), Measuring Instruments, Electronic Devices


Post-editing of the output from Machine Translation System (only for Japanese output)

Localization (E->J)

- ソフトウェアユーザーインタフェース、オンラインヘルプ
- IT、計測機器
- Software User Interface strings, Online Help
- Information Technology, Measuring Instruments

DITA-compatible Document Translation

- 文書を部分に分解して再利用することで複数形式の文書作成を効率化し、コストを削減する革新的な文書制作アーキテクチャ
- DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an innovative documentation architecture that enables streamlining and cost reduction of document production

●その他 Others

- 用語集作成、スタイルガイド作成(応相談)
- Preparation of glossaries and style guides (for fee)

Translation of Books on Popular Science, etc.

- 脳科学、認知科学、心理学、言語学、その他科学一般
- Books in fields such as cognitive science, brain science, psychology, language science
- Translated "Brain Briefs" (by Art Markman and Bob Duke), "The Secret of the Grown-up Brain" (by Barbara Strauch)

Tourism-related Documentation (E->J)

- ウェブページ翻訳(観光案内)
- 小規模のガイドブック作成(日本語)
- Translation of Web Pages for Sightseeing Sites
- Web sites for tourists; Company sites

- インバウンド観光
★In Preparation: Services for Inbound Tourists